About Us

We believe in win-win situations

 Arta Darou Pars, Inc. (ADP) is the part of a larger holding group (established in 2009) which consists of a finished pharmaceutical products importer company, raw materials (API & Excipients) importer company, International trade office and pharmaceutical Manufacturing Site in Iran. ADP as a leading company in importing and distributing a wide variety of  raw materials and ingredients (API & Excipients) to serve pharmaceutical industry  has been built on the strength & determination of the highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals, business executives, Commercial managers, health/safety & regulatory officers, as well as sales & marketing managers with proven track records, all converged to establish an exemplary competent and successful company managed through effective partnerships with reputable multinationals. Our current and past records are well indicative of what our founding members have accomplished in Iran market with resolve, commitment, and an excellent reputation within the pharmaceutical industry. ADP executive leadership team and all of our partners are working every day to turn possibilities into reality that helps industries thrive. In addition to our wide range of APIs & Excipients, we offer excellent technical support and pharmaceutical development services to address the needs and formulation challenges of our customers. We are dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical industry. Our R&D center, commercial and sales offices, as well as our technical support team offer our customers the most cost-effective and fast time-to-market solutions. We believe in win-win situations.Our business partners around the world are manufactured their products in accordance with PIC/s GMP and most of them have CEP/EDQM, USFDA or EMA approved facilities, WHO GMP, Etc. and registered in Iran Ministry of Health. Cooperate with professional logistic companies who are completely expert in shipping of pharmaceutical products, help us to deliver materials to our customers safe and on time.

Our Mission

(ADP) is undertaking to anticipate, understand and respond to our customer’s needs quickly and thoroughly by developing a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical ingredients sources.

  1. Organize & enrich the importation

    of the high quality pharmaceuticals ingredients and make it easy accessible to increase sales especially in Iran.

  2. Be a market leader in pharmaceutical field

    Using technology to drive us to the cutting edge of research

  3. Play our role as a conscientious citizen

    By promoting an exemplary workplace, improving services to pharmaceutical industry and enhancing healthy life due to ensuring patients have timely and affordable access to medicines.

  4. We pledge to provide customized customer service

    And build the unconditional trust of our customers

  5. Building a strong corporate culture

    Developed by our employees’ commitments to our corporate values.

Our Values

  1. 1
    Honesty & Trust

    Direct, open, and honest communication, we believe mutual trust comes with honesty. Being honest with both our self and our clients is a sole foundation of our relationship

  2. 2

    Product quality and reliability is our commitment. Together, we provide outstanding products and service to surpass our customers’ expectation. It’s best to do one thing really, really well.

  3. 3

    We are team-oriented and encourage our colleague’s development and reward their performance to achieve the needs of our customers. It’s our way to winning.

  4. 4
    Continuous Learning & Constant Improvement

    Continual learning & self-renewal is our ongoing effort to improve offered products, services, and processes.

  5. 5

    We value diversity & inclusiveness. Attract customers with miscellaneous items in an array of target markets, would develop a long-standing, quality customer base.

  6. 6

    Innovation creates new value & help our consumers feel better. Seek to inspire, excite and delight others in the way that you have been, is our belief and attitude.

  7. 7
    Accountability & Commitment

    Focus on the customers and all else will follow. We strongly value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. We try to be accountable – individually and in teams – for our behaviors, actions and results.

10Years of Experience


Brief History of Our Company


Initiated the drug development services and established R&D laboratory to help customer’s drug development milestones.


Being a leading company in importing and distributing a wide variety of pharmaceutical ingredients to serve pharmaceutical industry with over 1000 products in its product list and selling to over 50 companies.


Registered over 50 products in Iran MOH


Expanded partnerships selected from the most reliable and well-known raw pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturers around the world.


ADP was registered as an import, export & distribution pharmaceutical company and acquired necessary permits and certificates from Iran MOH


Arta Darou Pars, Inc. (ADP) was founded in 2008 on the strength & determination of several highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals.