What Make Us Special

It Is About Time And Unlimited Access To Resources All Over The World. It Is Our Ongoing Commitment.

Arta Darou Pars, Inc. (ADP) are well known to be among top leading importing company’s devoted to Pharmaceutical raw materials. We have achieved credit in terms of commitment and long lasting cliental reliance. Such achievements have been successful by importing and distributing products under joint venture or exclusive agency/distributorship agreements with well-known international manufacturers. The need for quality APIs is evident and we are committed to be among the market leaders in supplying quality APIs to 50 + manufacturers.

We have numerous offices and sister companies around the world such as Europe and UAE helping us to transfer payments and arrange shipments of raw materials (Both APIs & Pharmaceutical Excipients).

The world of pharmaceutical sales is competitive. ADP has been built on the experiences and know-how of one of Iran’s strongest & most successful technical & commercial teams. Our current and past records are well indicative of what our founding members have accomplished in Iran market with resolve, commitment, and an excellent reputation within the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite of professional staff who are familiar with international and local technical aspects of pharmaceutical products and registration, ADP is distinguished with the use of Microsoft Dynamic CRM software to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

  1. Enhance sales productivity

    A CRM houses all of the important customer information in one place. Know the last time a certain customer made a purchase.

  2. Improved customer satisfaction

    By providing attentive customer service, responding to requests timely and catering to the customer needs at all times, a business is able to improve levels of customer satisfaction.

  3. Improved efficiency

    By providing a better way to manage leads, by bridging gaps between multiple departments (sales, marketing etc.)

  4. Improved analytics and reporting
  5. Help to prevent destruction of Forest

    By archive scan of all technical, Sales and financial docs in CRM